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Reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep well with Lojong.


Train your mind with meditation practices

Guided Meditations

Have access to various types of guided practices so you can start meditating more deeply.

Introductory Videos

Meditation practices are embedded in what we call "mind training" and its most important concepts are presented through animated videos.

Customized Timer

You can also program your silent meditations with the app, and choose the type of bell you wish for your practice.

What is meditation?

What we nowadays call "meditation" has its origin in the Tibetan word "gom", which means “getting used to and familiarizing the mind with something positive”. Thus, through meditation, a mind that was often stressed out, that lacked concentration and clarity, that often experienced anger, anxiety, depression,greed and so on, can gradually become calm, clear and focused, and naturally respond to anything with compassion, love, patience, and generosity.

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Scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation

The idea that we can train our minds to promote healthy mental habits, and that these habits can be reflected in body-mind relationships isn’t new; it has been observed for thousands of years in various cultures. However, only now science is confirming this ancient discovery. Hundreds of studies indicate that the meditations you can practice with Lojong are associated with increased well-being and reduction of cortisol (the "stress hormone") and that they can alter biochemical, neural and behavioral processes. Researches have repeatedly shown the effects of this training on the brain and the immune system, in reducing anxiety and mental illnesses such as depression.

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Meet Lojong

The Path

Ten gradual steps for you to begin your mind training and learn to meditate.

Individual Practices

Have access to many mindfulness guided practices.

Set reminders

With the app, you can set mindfulness reminders throughout the day.

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Embracing Anxiety

Discover a new way to deal with anxiety.


Lojong also offers a 'timer', where you can program your silent meditations.


In the app, you will have access to quotes from great teachers for further study.

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Available for iOS and Android

Guided Meditations

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