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Lojong is a Tibetan word that means "mind training." 'Lo' means mind and 'jong' means training or cultivation. The goal of meditation is to transform the mind. We all have one, and we can work with it.

Those who play a musical instrument need to train and train until they develop their potential. No one expects to play the piano without practice. So why should it be different with the potential qualities of the mind like relaxation, attention, focus, and compassion?

If we consider that the benefit of meditation is to provide us with a new experience of the world at every moment of our lives, then it doesn't seem excessive to spend at least twenty minutes a day getting to know our minds better and training them for this type of openness.

The fruit of meditation can be described as genuine happiness, which does not arise from what we get from the world, but from what we bring to the world, from what we cultivate within and offer.

Science today recognizes the countless benefits of meditation, and our programs offer practices in a well-structured and secular way, with proven effects such as reducing stress and anxiety, activating areas of the brain related to well-being, and increasing altruistic behaviors.

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